Hello, we are p52clicks

We are an online photography community with the sole purpose of learning the art together. Whether you are a beginner with little, to no knowledge or a seasoned pro who is here for inspiration or you lie somewhere in between,

we are for everyone.

We are a weekly project, but our themes are monthly. This gives us the opportunity to really dig deep into the theme before moving on to the next.

Each month we will be sharing lessons from photographers to help give you the stepping stones to go out and shoot these techniques on your own.

The community can be found in three places.

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Each place gives you different opportunities to learn and grow and connect with others within the community.



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-inspirational stories from YOU




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Thanks for stopping by! We hope to be seeing more of you!

Meet the Team

Angie Mahlke


I'm Angie: wife, stay-at-home-mom of 3 wild hyenas, an introvert with a creative itch that needs to be scratched. My love for photography started in high school when I took a film photography class and found myself mesmerized in the dark room. I got my first DSLR on my 30th birthday, hugely pregnant with my second child. My children are my muses, and I'm often offering "payments" (aka bribes) when inspiration strikes me. I'm in a constant state of learning, siphoning in all the photography community has to offer. If I was forced to single out one genre of photography to only shoot for the rest of my life, it'd be documentary. My heart belongs to the real life moments. I blame my sentimental tendencies.


Angie Warmington


I was born and raised and still live in Racine, Wisconsin. Been here most of my life other than the four years I served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Married to a wonderful guy and together we have three little boys; Kane, Ian and Rowen. While I've always owned a camera, my true photography journey started after my oldest was born. I really just wanted to capture every moment while he and his brothers grew up. Little did I know that there was so much more to photography than just pointing my camera at someone or something cute and snapping a picture. I discovered a whole new artistic outlet and just fell in love with the process. Now I eagerly devour any new technique or trick that I can, always trying to push myself to be more creative and just really focus on the moments as our lives unfold.


My inspirational triggers are joy, adventure and storytelling. I used to want to be an author so being able to combine my love of photography with a storytelling approach has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me!!


Photo Jan 02, 11 19 25 AM.jpg
Emily Flodstrom


My name is Emily, and I have two young children, Elliott and Shiloh. I work full time as a NICU nurse, and use photography as a creative outlet and way to destress after long shifts at the hospital. I am constantly searching for new things to learn, and love the sense of family in the photography community. Lifestyle and storytelling photography makes my heart go thump thump! I love how a real life photo can really transport me back to an exact moment in time. You’ll usually find me rocking my Nikon z6ii and 35mm lens wherever our adventures take us! 


Wendi Matt


I am a mom of 2 feral, I mean fun kids, based out of little ol’ Greenville, SC. The first time I picked up a DSLR was in 2013 when my little girl was born. Though I had never had a professional camera, I’ve always been that kid with the disposable camera ready to snap a photo when you least expect it. That desire to capture you off guard has continued as I’ve developed into somewhat of a storyteller. I’ve dabbled in many different styles including documentary, food, and landscape, but I’ve found my main love comes in creating a story through visual expression. I tried to have a photography business, but felt it interfered with my love for spontaneity, so I’ve recently let that go and settled into this role of momtog. Beyond the creative expression and beauty of photography, I love that photography has introduced me to a beautiful community of women whose goal is to capture the mundane of their daily lives. It has opened my mind and my heart in ways I never thought it could. 


Purple self portrait.jpg
Abi Coop


I live in Cardiff, Wales in the UK with my husband and 2 daughters, Lucy and Zoe. I work as a freelance crossword writer and proofreader for a puzzle magazine. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but started learning how to come off auto mode 2 years ago and the hobby has grown ever since. As much as I love to take photos of my girls they often don’t want to oblige, and so I turn to nature. I find it very theraputic to stop, notice and appreciate all the intricate details in the beautiful world around us. I love to use pretty colours, light and blur to create images with an ethereal feel to them. One of my favourite techniques is to detach my lens for freelensing; I love how this creates just a slice of focus and leaves the rest looking dreamy. I’ve learnt so much from this wonderful, supportive community in the last 18 months and connected with so many amazing people. I’m super excited to join the team and have the opportunity to give something back.