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p52clicks is an online community of photographers learning together. It's a 52 week project with a new theme each month to help motivate you to pick up your camera and learn new techniques.


We can be found in three places: Facebook, Instagram and our Blog.



Our home base is located on Facebook. This is where the community part of the group takes place. All important news and updates are posted here, along with community interaction and engagement.


Instagram is mainly for featuring your work. We also have artists from the community host takeovers on our Instagram page with additional theme information and instruction. We post announcements here as well in case you miss them on Facebook.


The blog is where all the information lives. We post all the theme lessons here for a convenient place to keep them organized and accessible. Each theme has it's own page where you can easily access all the lessons in case you want to look back later for reference. We also share your work on the blog as well.


We focus on one theme a month. The new theme announcements are posted the last week of the month on both Facebook and Instagram. Although the themes are monthly, the project is weekly so you will have 4-5 images of each theme. This is so we can really dig into the technique before moving on. At the end of the year you will have 52 images from 12 different themes.


Photo Dump

Every Sunday we post a Photo Dump on the Facebook page. This is a place for you to share your weekly photos. There are certain requirements that we ask of you when posting your images to the dump. They are as follows: camera gear, camera settings, how did you shoot the image, how you edited it, your Instagram name, and web sizing requirements (sized 2048px on the long end). 

We use the Photo Dumps as a weekly album. We create our feature blogs, called Highlight Reels, from the images in the Photo Dumps, using all the information you include as a way to help inspire and teach others in the community.

Wall Posting

We still encourage you to post your images on the Facebook wall as an easier way for people to interact with you. It is a community project after all!


Post your weekly photos on your Instagram page and use the theme hashtag for a chance to be featured. The hashtags are posted with the theme announcements so be sure to pay attention. They follow this method: #p52_THEME. (Example: #p52_lowlight)


Each monthly theme will have a minimum of two lessons, which we post here on the blog. These lessons are mini instructional guides to help you tackle the techniques. If we are covering a theme we've done in a past year, we will be able to look back at the past lessons as well.

We highly recommend you read these lessons, even if they are a refresher for you. Sometimes seeing old information in a new way is a great motivator.

Please Note

We ask that you remember this is a group completely free to you. The team works on a volunteer basis, and we put in many hours a week to keep this group running. The instructors that provide lessons also work on a volunteer basis.  We'd love if you could take a moment after reading their lessons to thank them. 

We try to be as inclusive as possible. We know a majority of us are momtogs, but a minority of us aren't. We try to cater to all different genres and all different levels of artists. Some of us are beginners, whereas some of us are more seasoned. We also realize that our different locations and seasons can impact the themes and we try to be as mindful of those while picking the themes, but we can't always cater to every single person. Just know, we aren't trying to exclude you. This project is meant for everyone, no matter your genre, style, demographics, and photography level.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Click the contact button in the menu or shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram. 

Happy Shooting!

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