February: Artist Spotlight - Ruth Smith

Each month for our artist spotlight we choose a member of our community to celebrate. We love finding out more about them and hearing their tips for our theme. For composition month we chose the wonderful Ruth Smith. She completed the p52 clicks project with us last year and continues to impress us with beautiful faceless images of her children's adventures. Her inspirational work is full of so much colour and depth.

Abi xx

Tell us about your photography journey...

I have enjoyed taking photos since university. I took my 1st beginner photography course just before my daughter was born 4 years ago. 2 years ago I started a number of courses with Photo Parents which helped me switch from auto to manual and learn more about light and composition, as well as making some fabulous friends along the way. Last year I completed my 1st P52 clicks year. This year I have embarked upon my 1st 365.

Tell us a bit about your style...

I feel like I am still finding my style and trying out new techniques. Most of my shared work of my children is faceless. I love rich colours and hopefully have a fun style that brings a smile.

What gear do you use?

I have always used Canon cameras and 6 months ago I was fortunate to be able to upgrade to a Canon 6d mark II.

What's your go to lens and why?

I have 2 favourite lenses. I love my 85mm prime as it is really crisp for portraits and allows lovely background blur. Then I love my 28-70mm for the flexibility it provides when out and about with my kids.

Who and what inspires you?

Lots of different things inspire me. I am fortunate to spend time watching my children grow and change. I love seeing how others use light, colour, nature and space. My favourite photographer for composition is Jennifer Thomas. She makes it look so effortless and creates such creative environmental portraits. I love Zephy Hood's combination of both bright colours and the rich colours of nature. Tara Herron's use of light rays are fabulous. There are so many inspiring people it would be hard to name them all. What I love about the photography community is how people help and share skills and knowledge to and encourage and support each other.

What tips do you have for shooting composition?

I am still very much learning the ropes when it comes to composition. My main tip for composition is create something that draws you in. Either with the storytelling, colours or leading lines - even better when a photo has multiple elements.

My main technique for photos I share publicly the use of different faceless angles. Along with this I often use bright colours. I either try to look for complimentary colours, or alternatively colours of the similar tones. I also find I use the rule of thirds quiet often.

What composition image are you most proud of and/or love the most and why?

One of my favourite pictures I have taken is of my son on his trike. I had driven past the bright yellow leaves on the floor for a week on my way to work, the carpet of colour kept catching my eye, my sons main coat was yellow and I thought that would work well with the red trike, red hat and red letter box.

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