December: Highlight Reel, 2

And that's a wrap for another year of p52 clicks! Congratulations to all those who finished the project, pushed themselves through the themes that were a challenge, explored new techniques to fulfil their creative potential, but most of all encouraged and supported us and one another within this beautiful community. Ok, enough sappiness, here's the final highlight reel for 2021.

Abi xx

Samantha Deakin

Gear: Nikon d750 with 85mm prime 1.8

Settings: Settings iso 1000, ss 1/200, f5.6 using ocf at 1/16 power

The Shot: My son was staring out at the ski slopes after his first day skiing in Lapland…… dreaming of a time he will return and hoping it won’t be too long.

Post Processing: Edited using “we are memory catchers” preset which I have tweaked to suit my style, I also usually use quite a few levels layers in my work. I also have added a light overlay (on the right) gifted from the light communion group (credit: Lisa Spencer). The rest of the flare/artefacts are in camera from a combo of the large windows off the the side, the reflective tables and lanterns.

Amelia Schulte

Gear: Nikon d750, 35 mm lense

Settings: ISO 200, f2.2, 1/200

The Shot: I had this idea in my head and was so excited with how it turned out! I love the lighting in my fridge and decided to show how I've been handling my stress lately (cookie dough and donuts!)in a fun, spirited way! I angled my camera so I could get the Christmas tree in the background to create more depth and also give it a more festive vibe! Ps- peep my dog behind me showing show disappointed she is that I won't share

Post Processing: Edited in Lightroom. I cooled off the picture and brought up my shadows and exposure

Julie Chong Tsao

Gear: Canon 5D, 50 mm

Settings: 1.4, 1/200, ISO 1250

The Shot: I wanted to capture this beautiful display window at night, so I had my husband looking in

Post Processing: LR: basic adjustments like adjusting color temp, shadows, HSL, split toning. In PS: I added some light bokeh to enhance the already existing lights

Nasrin Khan

Gear: Sony a7Riii with off camera flash (godox mini)

Settings: 1/200s f4 ISO 3200

The Shot: big brother was holding a bunch of tangled fairy lights behind his and flash was set up in front to the left. This was taken at night in my poorly lit living room so extra light was needed.

Post Processing: edited first in Lightroom to brighten his face. Then taken to PS to add in some Bokeh (mixture of brush and overlay) in order to cover the helping child behind

Regina Boston

Gear: Canon 5d Mark IV

Settings: Lensbaby Edge35, ISO10000 F/4 1/160sec

The Shot: this was taken with the camera on the ground to capture the reflection and tree lights. I used 2 cell phone flash lights to create the light in the snow globe

Post Processing: I edited in LR and then in PS to center the tree over my niece and add in extra bokeh, IG

Alison Carr

Gear: Nikon D750/Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art

Settings: F1.4, iso 6400, 1/120

The Shot: Sat on the ground and braced my arms on my knees to hold still since tripods were not allowed. Manually focused to get as many lights as I could sharp. Used burst mode to catch the best illuminated version since the lights flickered. Composed the shot to see as much reflection and trees without cutting either off.

Post Processing: LR edit: Increased vibrance, lowered the contrast and then used the tone curve to set the brights so they were more evenly toned. Lowered blacks and brushed low texture over the areas that were dark.

Sheryl Salisbury

Gear: Nikon D750, Nikon 24-70mm at 24mm

Settings: 1/25 sec, f/4.5, ISO 6400, manual, spot metering

The Shot: Shot from the side to get the band members as well as the fans. I moved around and liked this side best because the haze from the lights were more noticeable and added to the mood.

Post Processing: Edited in Photoshop using a black and white action making adjustments to suit the image. Cropped to make the image long and lean.

Aimee Garrity

Gear: Canon RP with 18-55mm lens @ 53mm

Settings: f 8.0, 1/80, ISO 250

The Shot: This is a close up of the star on top of our Christmas tree and the kaleidoscope design it puts on our old fashion popcorn ceiling. Our tree is very close to the ceiling so it looks more like a pool in real time and from a distance.

Post Processing: Edited with PS. Adjusted color balance layer 2 diff times to bring out the blues and purples that we see from the crystals. Used some dodge and burn on the crystals and shadows on the ceiling. My husband was mad I wouldn’t add a Superman symbol in the crystals. Haha

Rhiannon Alyce Selph

Gear: Canon 60D, 50mm f/1.8

Settings: ISO 800 F/5.0 ss 20

The Shot: used Christmas lights as the only source of lighting. Camera was sitting on the floor propped up with a sock under the lens . Camera was set on a 2 second timer to prevent shutter shake.

Post Processing: Edited in Lightroom on iPad. Cooled the colors down, sharpened the eye and used the brush tool to create a vignette and did an overall denoise.

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